R. A. Grace, LLC is owned and operated by Russell Grace. I am located on the east coast of central Florida; an amazing part of Florida I love. While I work full-time traveling the country as a field technician, I am trying to migrate into the marine industry as a business owner, providing services as a marine field technician, focusing on electronics. My plans are simple, to travel the world as I provide services in whichever port I may be anchored. A dream longstanding from childhood.

I hope you enjoy following my progress.

  • Address: 2481 San Filippo DR SE, Palm Bay, Florida 32909
  • Phone: 321-344-0773
  • Email: mail@ragracellc.com

Currently, I am designing web portals for selling products and services from a variety of sources. This will help generate residual revenue as I work full-time for another company. This transition will be expensive, especially for the training required, and the time needed to support my personal needs in the process.


You will find some of these sites are simple and designed to funnel traffic to my revenue-generating store RAG Marine

Backlinks are an important way to increase traffic, so there will be many more of these. The domain names may not make sense, but they are chosen very carefully by doing research using tools like Ubersuggest and Spamzilla. Some are chosen just because I liked them. In time these sites will grow in DA (domain authority) and PA (page authority) ranking, which should funnel traffic through their anchor links to my main site, ranking me higher in search engines. A large marketing campaign right now is not feasible, as most of this is being funded by investments from my personal accounts.  

Here is the list.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


As of right now, eBay is generating the most income for my business, as ragmarine.com is indexed, ranked, and backlinked.

  • eBay Storeragmarine
  • Amazon: In progress
  • Walmart: In progress


  • ABYC Certifications
    • I am planning to complete these certifications asap
    • View certification training courses
  • NMEA Training
    • Another set of courses I am focusing on
    • View the certification training courses


  • I am looking into Shopify programming services, as I have become quite proficient at it. If I do, I will likely set up a profile on fiverr.com
    • Here is my active Shopify store RAG Marine you can visit. Use coupon code NEWCUSTOMER for $10 off.
  • Once I have found the time to complete my training courses, I will be installing marine electronics that I sell directly from my store. 


Stay tuned for my progress. Thank you for visiting!